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About the Desktop Destroyer Game

stress reducer desktop destroyer

Personal Computer (PC) games like Desktop Destroyer Game have been around for some time now with different websites facilitating their availability.

Whether for self, group or family entertainment, Desktop Destroyer is the game suitable and interesting to everyone.

One of the most popular games available online is the Desktop Destroyer, a PC game that has been around for some time but due to it’s ease of play and effect on the mind, it has literally ‘refused’ to be overtaken by time.

On this website you can Download Desktop Destroyer absolutely free in just a few seconds. It is freeware game that has several destroy-tools that you can use to destroy your desktop.

You can decide to destroy your desktop either for fun or as an anger management and stress-relieving avenue. You certainly come out of the game feeling relaxed with a clear mind that is able to think straight and tackle the many challenges of life faced today.

The Desktop Destroyer game does not need any licensing and is free from any limitations and requires no installations. It is available freely in a file size of 370.03K. The game runs on Windows Operating System such as Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Me.

Playing Desktop Destroyer is simple and easy. You only need to open the program and select the weapon you want to use in destroying your desktop. You select the weapon using the keyboard numericals 1 to 9, which represent different destroyer weapons. Depending on your mouse settings (left or right button), you are able to start the game. You are also able to use the mouse to change destroyer weapon. When you are through playing the game, you simply quit by pressing ESC.

When it comes to PC desktop games, simply visit and experienced a different way of self and group entertainment. What is more? All for free.

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