Desktop Destroyer Game

For all of you who are looking for the Desktop Destroyer Game.

Desktop Destroyer 3D Screensaver

Desktop Destroyer 3D Screensaver is an Isotope 244 computer game released some 15 years ago.

As a 3D screensaver, it takes over your desktop screen and runs waves through your screen while changing colours. This has the effect of creating a soothing feeling and leaves you mesmerized.

The Desktop Destroyer 3D screensaver has different configuration options that you use to set it to your like. Using the different configurations, you can change the background, colour, highlights and noise. You are also able to create your own matrix, including font, numeric, symbols and alphanumerics.

Desktop Destroyer Screensaver full version allows you to liquefy your own images, set your own colours and images and specify your own images. It has no enhancements. One of its advantages is that automatic new version updates are available freely and has no nagging messages anywhere. What’s more, you can add your own music and listen to while immersed in your activities.

Are you a fun of photographs and pictures? You are able to show off your photographs on a 3D picture cube. You can also create own custom image using your digital camera images. The screensaver supports png, pcx, tga, bmp and jpg image formats.

For complete enjoyment and relaxation, the Desktop Destroyer 3D Screensaver offers the best ‘vacation’ that anyone cannot resist. You are literally taken to a different world where you get immersed in whatever you do. Download this amazing screensaver for free and enjoy the full benefits that it provides.

The Desktop Destroyer 3D Screensaver program runs on almost all the Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 95, 98, Windows 3.X, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP.

Whether for pure entertainment or just as a screensaver (and not just at that), the Desktop Destroyer 3D Screensaver tops all free download screensavers.

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