Desktop Destroyer Game

For all of you who are looking for the Desktop Destroyer Game.

Desktop Destroyer Game

The game is simple and easy to use; It’s great for kids and for playing pranks around the office or with your friends and at times for projecting scary noises just to scare the heck out of your co-workers or household members, you can either chainsaw massacre homework, hammer the desktop. Or you can surprise an away from desk co worker by burning his work to pieces with the flame thrower.

Desktop Destroyer

The game has a very friendly user interface and the only requirement for running the game is your desktop, and you’re ready to run the game.

Operating the game is fairly simple you run the game executable file, press any key to start the game and the game has started, you use left click to use the tool you have chosen, the first tool you use is the hammer by default but you can change your weapon by a simple right click and to exit the game you simply have to right click and press the “Esc” key.

Download Desktop Destroyer and start playing it now

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