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Eye Exercises For Gamers

Eye Exercises For Gamers: Keep Your Eyes Sharp And Healthy

If something can be cured by plain exercises, then why choose alternative medicine therapies which have not been given grant by medical associations and are least effective. They just work the best in not treating your dry eyes, but drying your purse. It is always a safe way to put a little bit of effort and go for problem specific exercises which have proven to be effective and are instrumental in curing eye related problems like farsightedness, nearsighted, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, etc.

There are many eye exercises which can help improve your eyesight as well as woo away all the problems you are facing with eyes. Eyes are one of those organs of our body which goes through lot of strain, because it is exposed to pollution, bacteria, etc as external factors, ruthlessly and internally because it works throughout an average of 16 hours of normal human being active hours.

It strains more among people working for long in front of computers or watches a lot of TV or play video games for long hours at stretch. And, you can guess easily that we belong partially or fully in one of those groups.

Here, we will discuss few eye exercises which are proven as effective and which ensures that your eyesight increases with time, as well as problems related to eyes go away sooner than later, provided you fit these exercises in your daily regime and do them religiously.

Doctors say that accommodative eye muscles get weak with time but even though, this may be the case in general with many, it is not an old age problem, it can be restrained if exercises are done regularly.

  • To help protect accommodative eye muscles from getting weak – Pick a card with anything on it (for e.g. Black large letters) at close distant in hand and a distant object (car, door, anything) which might be 20-30 ft away. Then focus on the distant object for say 5-8 seconds and then remove your eyes and focus on close object and see clearly. Repeat this distant and near point eye exercise three times, and every time bring the card a bit closer and focus as much as possible. Doing this regularly helps in improving both close and distant vision, in due course.
  • To improve distant vision in particular, place the card with black letters a bit more far away say around 20 inches and then focus on watching it as clearly as possible, and then suddenly move the focus away on something behind it say a car which is around 20 ft away. Then, focus on watching both the objects clearly together as much as possible and then relocate your focus to watching something at even bigger distance from car and then repeat the same process, again, between car and object more distant from it. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes at least 3-4 times in a week and you will see your distant vision has increased with time.
  • Squeeze Eyes Taoist Technique – In this exercise, sit in a nice ‘yoga’ posture. Inhale slowly and while inhaling integrate the closing of eyes and keep it closed for 10-15 seconds. Then, exhale and while doing so make a sound which otherwise comes naturally ‘sshhhh’. This technique improves the blood circulation in eyes, increases the strength of eye lids and also increases the potency of tear glands. The sound is made as it acts as a vent for anger, eases the tension in liver and purifies it as well, and helps in calming the central nervous system.
  • Nasal Massage with sesame oil or eucalyptus oil and insert in to nasal passage. It might feel uneasy for a moment or so, but it cleanses your sinus way and practicing this cleansing activity regularly, helps in increasing eye clarity. This is actually because, eye are closely related to nasal analogy.
  • Sit like you would in floor with legs folded above each other, breathe in and then out. First calm your body and then, focus your eye in space between eyes for ten seconds and then again inhale and exhale while closing eyes. Then, repeat the same process but this time focus at the tip of the nose. This eye exercise relaxes the stress on eyes after long day and keeps your eye healthy and functioning normally, while keeping all the muscles active and stress free.
  • Sit straight and look at the front. Then without moving your body, look at the far right, as far as possible and then after taking a break of inhaling and exhaling, do the same for the left side. It helps in normal functioning of your eye.
  • Stand up straight and then look towards the floor. After that inhale and while doing so, roll your eyes on extreme ends possible and when looking up, try to focus on your eye brows. Then again, while looking down exhale and roll your eyes moving from left till your focus stands straight on the floor center. Do this three times after taking a break of around one min, everyday.
  • Sit and roll your eyes and keep rolling in circular motions for 5-6 times. First clockwise and then anti clockwise. This exercise can be done anywhere and in any posture. Do it at least once or twice in a day. After all the above mentioned exercise, blink few times and washes your eyes from crystal clear water.

The above mentioned exercise can help you immensely to increase the eyesight as well as keeping your eyes healthy. Always make sure, that you wash your eyes just like you wash face from clean water around 5-6 times a day, keeping the eye lids open. Never watch anything, be it TV or computer screen continuously for long time and keep taking breaks in between and change your focus on any other object. This reduces the strain on your eyes. It’s good to close your eye sometimes and keep cucumber above it to vent out all the heat stored, as this technique helps in keeping your eyes calm, active and strong.

Now do some eye exercises then continue playing the amazing Stress Reducer Desktop Destroyer Game

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