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Playing PC Games Can Damage Your Eyesight

For all the Desktop Destroyer players here is a short but useful notice.

It is a universal fact that watching idiot box continuously for long, can hamper your eye sight and now with latest innovation in gaming world, making it biggest entertaining industry surpassing Hollywood, game addicts are just stuck to TV while playing games like they are glued and for hours together.

This has become a cause of worry because watching TV or computer screen with such high definition gaming images being displayed for long hours can put immense strain on your eyes and even though, the affect starts surfacing after few months, its best to take precaution from day one. It has been proved in researches that while playing games, people don’t blink as much as they do normally and this factor plays a very important role in making your eyes dry. This kind of affect is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Playing (video) games can damage your eyesight in ways more than one and if you are one of those marathon players, it is mandatory that you consult physicians to know eye exercises and practice the same frequently during game session. One of the most effective ways is to take a break after every ten to fifteen minutes of play for around ten seconds and roll your eyes around, watch another object, and move your eyes away from the screen. This helps to lessen the impact on cornea when you are planning to challenge your friends on a long weekend. Otherwise, you might just be sitting with a headache killing you and gradually with time, if this continues your light sensitivity will increase and you just won’t be able to concentrate on anything, with ease.

In a very rare cases, after excessive amount of marathon video game sessions, there are chances that cornea be damaged permanently and it might result in very little eye sight or a case where laser surgery might need to be done, which again causes danger. After the onset of new world gaming introduced by Playstation and Xbox, even adults are addicted to this dynamic technology, kids and teenagers are, however, most affected.

According to researches and survey, kids of this and last few generations have the worst eyesight when compared to previous generations. This is mostly because of impact of era of idiot box dominance and more so, because of long hours of video game plays which strain the eye and its machinery because of no breaks in between game sessions, dries up the eyes, decreases the eyesight and makes it necessary to wear spectacles at the onset of childhood. There are many video games which helps in increasing concentration and eye sight as well, so not playing games at all is also not a solution, to play in a disciplined manner and keeping eyes’ health in forefront, is what matters more.

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