Desktop Destroyer Game

For all of you who are looking for the Desktop Destroyer Game.

Weapons In Destroyer Game

There are 9 weapons in Desktop Destroyer Game (see screen shots and description of each weapon below)Desktop Destroyer Weapons

Weapons: Hammer, Chain-saw, Machine Gun, Flame-thrower, Color-thrower, Phaser, Stamp, Termites and Washing.

All through this remarkable game, it is very simple to manipulate and play the game since this provide lots of fun and has an array of weapons to choose from which you can use in playing. There are exactly nine weapons all in all that you can utilize to destroy your PC desktop and also it ruins the stress out of your system.

Screen shots and Description of Each Weapon In The Desktop Destroyer Game

  • #1 The Hammer

    The hammer is a fun tool it looks very real and leaves very realistic dents on your desktop where ever you use it.
    Desktop Destroyer Hammer

  • #2 Chain-saw

    The chainsaw is yet another fun tool to play with it leaves lines where ever you run it through leaving a cut impression. As you can see I used the chain-saw to cut throught the termites on my desktop. And the sound job on the chainsaw is very life like.
    Desktop Chainsaw

  • #3 Machine Gun

    You can leave very well looking bullet holes on the screen and a good sound to match too.
    Machine Gun Desktop Destroyer

  • #4 Flame-thrower

    You can now set things to fire with the flamethrower at your disposal leaving a very good looking burn on your desktop. And again sound is top notch job.
    Flame thrower

  • #5 Color-thrower

    Another useful tool in the Desktop Destroyer, it’s a paint gun which throws random colors on the screen and it leaves a very convincing ink blot.
    Color Thrower

  • #6 The Phaser

    Are you star trek fan? Well here is a treat for you! There is a not too shabby looking phaser for you to play with although the design is unique and not taken from any of the star trek shows the concept is still the game with a very convincing sound to match.
    Desktop Destroyer Phaser

  • #7 The Stamp

    Now you can decorate your desktop with various patents to your amusement, here are some of the stamps I played around with.
    Stamp Tool

  • #8 The Termites

    Leave these bugs roaming around your desktop and watch them as they eat your desktop bit by bit you can drop them anywhere you feel like. If you want you can use any of the other weapons to eliminate the termites from your desktop.
    Desktop Destroyer Termites

  • #9 The Washer

    Made a mistake placing a stamp or that phaser shot? Don’t worry use the washer and start over you can use the washer to remove any mistake you made in the game and start over sort of like an eraser in paint.
    Desktop Washer

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